Gold Principal is a precious metals brokerage located in Long Beach, California. Michael is Gold Principal’s primary precious metals investment broker, and has more than 10 years’ experience in the precious metals investment market. Michael has worked with some of the top investment firms and can provide his Gold Principal clients with the information and resources they need to support precious metals investment strategies to meet both their retirement and personal investing goals.

Gold Principal works directly with one of the top precious metals investment firms in the United States to provide access to a wide variety of precious metals investment assets. Gold Principal has also established solid business relationships with the premier custodial IRA providers to ensure that Gold Principal clients have the resources they need to pursue precious metals investments as part of an overall investment strategy.

Michael also works directly with all Gold Principal clients, giving them the benefit of his experience in the precious metals investment industry. Michael provides clear, confidential and balanced information and advice for clients who wish to incorporate precious metals into their investment plan.

Why Gold Principal?

Our mission at Gold Principal is to provide the highest quality precious metals investment information, opportunities and advice to clients who want to take advantage of the benefits of precious metals investments.

As a Gold Principal client, you’ll receive more than solid investment advice. You’ll also receive:

  • Comprehensive information about gold, silver and other precious metals investment products, and the potential risks and rewards of each option;
  • An understanding of how precious metals investments can operate in a portfolio to limit risk;
  • An understanding of the precious metals market, and how world events can affect the price of precious metals;
  • A venue to sell and buy gold, silver and other investment-grade precious metals in coin or bullion form;
  • Information about making a gold IRA, a silver IRA or a precious metals IRA part of your retirement investment strategy;
  • A trusted source of information for investment-grade gold coins, silver coins, and bullion.

As a reputable gold and precious metals broker, Gold Principal limits its investment advice to precious metals. We do not manage the investment portfolios of our clients, and although Gold Principal provides advice, we cannot make investment decisions on behalf of our clients.

Although investment impacts taxation, we do not provide tax advice regarding investments nor can we predict how a client’s investment decisions may affect their current or future tax liability. We recommend that our clients consult with an investment professional who specializes in retirement income planning before making any retirement investments.