Most Common Ways of Buying Gold

Gold investing can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and help guarantee your financial future. Gold performs well in downward trending markets, which means it can help keep your investments afloat. Additionally, physically owning such a valuable entity is a comfort to people with fears about our economic and political future. If you’re new to the world of gold investment, you might be wondering about how to start. Buying gold can take many… Continue reading

What is Gold Bullion?

When looking at different gold investment options, you’ll see the phrase “gold bullion” thrown around quite a bit. Let’s take a minute to talk about what exactly gold bullion is, and why it’s the best option when investing in gold. The word “bullion” is defined as “gold or silver in bulk before coining, or valued by weight,” which basically means gold bullion is gold valued by its purity and weight. This contrasts with other forms… Continue reading

Make Silver Investment A High Priority

It’s easy to see the attraction of buying gold when the only thing you look at its per-ounce price.  Compared to silver, gold seems to redefine the term “over-achiever.”  If the London Gold Fix is all you look at, you could possibly miss the fact that silver has, both recently and over time, outperformed gold in terms of investment returns.  Silver also has the advantage of being more available to the small investor. In short,… Continue reading

Precious Metals IRA Investing 101

Today, people who want to save for retirement can take advantage of precious metals IRA investing, but that wasn’t always the case. At one time, retirement investors in the US were limited to market-based retirement investments, which left them at a significant disadvantage. Traditional inflation hedges, like precious metals and real estate, were not afforded the same tax-deferred treatments their cash investment counterparts were. With no tax-deferred hedge investments to offset market losses, retirement investments… Continue reading

Gold Investment Still A Very Good Idea?

Some investors may be wondering if they’ve missed their opportunity to buy gold, but the market seems poised for additional upward growth in the value of gold.  Gold investments are at an all-time high and demand for gold is still increasing.  Some of the world’s largest investors see gold as a hedge against the declining value of the US dollar, and as a way to diversify their risk in global currency markets. China has made… Continue reading