Precious Metals IRA Investing 101

Today, people who want to save for retirement can take advantage of precious metals IRA investing, but that wasn’t always the case. At one time, retirement investors in the US were limited to market-based retirement investments, which left them at a significant disadvantage. Traditional inflation hedges, like precious metals and real estate, were not afforded the same tax-deferred treatments their cash investment counterparts were. With no tax-deferred hedge investments to offset market losses, retirement investments were left to suffer the brunt of market downturns, and investors often lost significant sums.

Precious metals IRA investing makes a lot of sense, especially in today’s uncertain market conditions. The value of precious metals has risen steadily since the global financial crisis arose in 2007, but many investors don’t realize that precious metals have been reliable investment performers for the past 30 years.

Precious metals IRA investing is safe and easy, provided that you have the right investment advice, tools and resources to make balanced investment decisions.  For about 14 years, investors with a special custodial IRA account have been able to take advantage of the hedge value of physical assets to support their retirement investment goals.

Many retirement investment advisors don’t know about custodial IRA accounts, and as a result, many retirement investors miss out on the opportunity to balance significant market risk in their portfolios with classic hedge investments like precious metals.  Precious metals IRA investing is needed now more than ever, especially for investors who want to protect their retirement assets in these economically uncertain times.

Recent studies have shown that few investors even use precious metals IRA investing as a technique to protect their retirement savings, even though precious metals IRA investing offer exceptional benefits.  Many investors are just beginning to recover from the 2007 crash, and the prospects for another financial meltdown are increasing.  If you have IRA investments that you want to protect, consider precious metals IRA investing as a way to shield some of your retirement portfolio from both the ravages of market fluctuations and significant tax implications.

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